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Developing country citizens prefer work from home

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Work from home

No matter if you live in a developed or a developing country, working from home is always something to look forward to. However, there are some serious issues connected to the whole activity. The fact is that most professions can’t really be done from home, that feature is exclusive for only a select few professions. These are things like Design, development, writing and etc.

In-House staff is expensive

Most of the developed countries have wealthy companies residing in them. These companies have the ability to support large staff in the office, are able to pay the rent and additional benefits for the employees. However, developing countries are struggling with these issues. In most cases it is because the real estate market can sometimes outpace the economy, meaning that the employers can’t afford to have large offices anymore. In order to combat this issue they either resort to lay-offs or just move to a smaller, cramped office. Which is never good.

According to South Africa (which is considered to be a developing country) is one of the leading countries in terms of work from home opportunities. The reasons are quite simple. The number of financial market traders is growing, which doesn’t usually require an office if you’re doing it on your own. Also, South Africa has been promoting tech and art related professions, which lead to a surplus of experts in these fields. As already mentioned these professions don’t need a constant office. also mentions the fact that some companies are having a hard time finding good offices to base their operations in. Even rich entities like financial companies are struggling with this, therefore the creative staff is being moved to remote jobs. The good thing is that this doesn’t affect wages, in most cases it actually grows them, as companies are later able to move into smaller offices and save on rent.

What will happen if YouTube removes the dislike button?

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The recent news that YouTube might remove the dislike button from their platform has caused an uproar with the users of the Video portal. Many users showed their dissapointment in the company by actively campaigning against them on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit. Many call for petitions to look for alternative methods to show dislike towards the videos, if the button is indeed removed.

What does the button do and why is it so important though? Well, the dislike button is crucial for the YouTube algorithm. If the video has a good like/dislike ration it will be suggested to viewers more often by the algorithm. But if it has overwhelming amount of likes, it may lose monetization and will not be shown in the “Suggestions” tab.

The YouTube community believes that this is a step towards favoring corporate accounts over individual creators from YouTube and would be the quote “Death of the platform”.

What will this do to the platform?

We’ve reached out to a very small YouTube channel and asked them how important it is for them to be in the suggestions tab of potential viewers, ForexBonusLab have commented on this event, saying that no matter how much the YouTube community tanks in terms of traffic, the community will remain unchanged, or at least scratched by a little bit.

Besides, even if the dislike button is removed, there is little the community can do at that point. The creators will still have to continue making videos as YouTube is their primary source of income, and when the amount of videos does not fall, the amount of viewers is sure to be unaffected as well.

Therefore the likeliest of scenarios are that either nothing will change. Or when the dislike button is removed, a small change in the traffic the website has will occur over a few months and will stabilize in the long-run.